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Your plan for your dream figure 2020

In the plan below you will find out how you can change your harmful eating habits within 2 months. The changes are built in gradually, because suddenly changing all your habits at once usually does not work. Every week has a theme and some things you should do, everything builds up step by step.

Follow the plan and you will soon find that your eating habits and also many of your attitudes towards food will change significantly. Every single change will bring about results - and they will be permanent. Every single step you take, every week you successfully complete, brings you one step closer to your dream body, which you will keep permanently. Always keep this in mind.


Slogan: When do I get hungry anyway?

Weekly tasks:

This week is mainly about getting in touch (again) with your physical hunger feeling. Choose 5 consecutive days, if possible, on which you already prepare small amounts of simple snacks in the morning. Fruit or vegetables (raw vegetables) are best, but you can use any kind of snack of which you can eat even a small amount. Also prepare a time sheet for each day.

If possible, drink a small glass of water (approx. 150 ml) every hour. Pay attention to the time after which you can physically feel a distinct feeling of hunger (weak stomach, a pulling sensation can be felt in the stomach). Then put a cross in your time table and eat just enough of your snacks until your hunger disappears. Also note how much you had to eat at each time to make the hunger disappear.

Note with a circle in your time sheet when you just feel you need to eat something and become restless inside, but physically you do not feel any clear hunger signals. At these times, however, you consciously do not eat anything, the inner restlessness usually disappears after a short time. At the end of the day, count the circles and the crosses and add up the amounts of food. Do not be surprised if you have possibly eaten very little overall. Your body's stores are full, so you will probably not feel very hungry.

The number of circles, on the other hand, can be very high, especially around the times when you normally eat. Often the number of circles becomes much less during the last days. At the end of the fifth day, take stock: How often do you feel like you have to eat but are not hungry? How often did you actually have to eat to make the feeling of hunger disappear? What quantities did you eat in total? Compare this with your usual amount of food. How did the number of circles and crosses change during these five days?

Try to walk briskly for half an hour every day.

You've just bought your first week! Very good!


Slogan: Eating more slowly - Level 1

Weekly tasks:

This week you will start to get used to eating much slower. Choose three days in this week where you are likely to have little stress and hectic. The days should not follow each other directly, there should be a day off in between.

On each of your three chosen days, try to chew each bite at least 30 times (15 times on each side) before swallowing it. In between, put away the cutlery and put your hands in your lap. Take care not to mix the different foods in one bite - i.e. one bite of potatoes after a bite of meat, not both together. Eating can take much longer than you are used to - so make sure that you eat less on these days and that you do not eat too many meals. Also try to eliminate distractions during the meal, i.e. do not watch TV or do anything else while you are eating. Concentrate on your food on these days. Also try to maintain the habit of drinking a small glass of water every hour.

Pay attention to whether the taste of the food changes if you chew it for a longer time. Do they taste better than usual? Do they taste bland? Does the taste change several times during chewing? Do you feel full faster? How much food do you need before you feel full or your hunger disappears?

Just eating a little more concentrated and chewing a little longer can feel very unfamiliar. These comparatively small changes can already make a significant difference to your usual eating habits. Compare especially with the days in between when you are used to eating as usual. What is the difference in food quantities? In taste? In the time it takes to eat until you are full?

Keep your half-hour walks this week as well.


Slogan: Eating more slowly - Level 2

Weekly tasks:

This week you choose five days that should follow each other. Try to achieve at least 50 chewing movements with each bite (25 per side). The minimum is 30 chewing movements, as in the week before - you should always achieve this. Adjust your food quantities accordingly and reserve enough time for your meals. Continue to drink a small glass of water per hour during these 5 days.

You are probably already much less nervous and rushed towards the end of the week because your meal is taking so long. At first it may feel endlessly long, but after a few days in a row you get used to the slower pace. Again, be sure to chew at your leisure and only take the next bite when the previous one is finished. Do not mix different foods in one bite this week either.

Again, pay attention to how the taste of the food changes. What is the consistency of each bite when you swallow it? Almost liquid or at least strongly mushy? How does this change the taste of the individual foods? Compare your feeling when you eat again with the feeling you have on the two days you eat as before. Do you automatically eat a little less or a little slower on these days as well? If not, that is not bad. After some time, it will adjust itself.

Try to walk at least three days this week, instead of half an hour, a whole hour at a fast pace.


Slogan: Conscious eating - Level 1

Weekly tasks:

This week we will combine both exercises, the one from the first week and the one from the second week. This is to happen on three days, with a day's break between each day. Prepare a small amount of snacks (fruit, raw vegetables or other snacks of your choice) tomorrow. Only eat when you really feel hungry and chew at least 50 times. Take your time to eat and pay attention to when and how quickly you feel full. Then finish eating, also note the amount eaten and the time again this week to have some control.

Try again this week to extend your half-hourly walks at least three times to a full hour.


Slogan: Conscious eating - Level 2

Weekly tasks:

Deepen last week's exercise even further by doing it for at least five consecutive days this week. All other prerequisites are the same as the week before. Also keep the small glass of water per hour.

Can you already get used to this slow, purely hunger-dependent food? What is the total amount of food you take in during the day? How often do you feel real hunger? Compare your results with those of the first week. What has changed?

This week, choose a fitness program that you like and that challenges you a little, or find a gym of your choice and have a training plan drawn up. In the meantime, keep up your half-hour walks.

You're already more than halfway there! You are really on the way to big changes! Great!


Slogan: Recalibrating the sense of taste

Weekly tasks:

This week is all about training your sense of taste again. You can do this any day of the week, but it should be at least 5 days. Make a meal plan at the beginning of the week, making sure that none of your meals consists of more than 3-5 different foods. Use as many different foods as possible, including foods that you don't usually eat very often, such as vegetables. You don't necessarily have to eat only raw vegetables, but you should include one raw vegetable meal per week.

Eat in peace, chew at least 50 times and eat as slowly as in the weeks before. Make a note of what foods you eat, how much you eat and at what time you feel real hunger. You may be startled at how little food you actually need - but this is perfectly normal. We often greatly overestimate the amount of food we think we need. Most of this is often just habit and not an actual need.

Start your fitness program or gym visits this week. In addition, maintain your half-hour walks. Do you find it much easier to walk half an hour a day at a fast pace? Have you been able to increase your pace as well?


Slogan: Strengthen your sense of taste

Weekly tasks:

Continue the task from last week, but try to try out several foods that you didn't know or rarely ate before. Also pay attention to what you like best or what you often feel like eating. If you can, leave the choice a little open and try to find out what you are in the mood for. Make a small buffet for each meal and let your feelings decide what you want to reach for.

In the course of the week, compile a small list of the foods you particularly like to eat and which foods you would like to eat more often in the future. What do you get full of especially quickly, what do you need more of? Which flavours do you prefer to eat (sweet, sour, salty, bitter), which ones do you prefer less?

Continue your fitness program and maintain your half-hour walks.


Slogan: Maintain and strengthen your changed eating habits

Weekly tasks:

You managed to last almost two months! That's great!

During this week, try to maintain and consolidate your newly acquired eating habits as much as possible by eating according to your hunger and eating slowly and consciously. When shopping, give preference to the foods you have put on your list. Try to find the best possible setting in your daily routine with enough time for slow and conscious eating.

Set an annual goal for your fitness program and stick to it until you reach your goal. Be proud of yourself and treat yourself to something special to keep you going!

If you made it this far, you've already achieved a lot. Even if you haven't gotten rid of your excess weight completely in these two months, you're well on the way to having the problem take care of itself. Just hang in there.

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